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Our Mission

DASH Academy is a youth based program derived from one of New York City's most innovative dance performance companies, The DASH Ensemble. Co founded by Gregory Dolbashian and Lindsey Morgan, DASH Academy is a multi-faceted dance training experience that offers access to innovative approaches in movement, education, and creation.

Interested in our Program?

Training and Performances

The DASH Academy dedicates 2.5 hours a day for immersive dance training, and choreography.

The Academy also dedicates 2.5-3 hours of academic studies a day through an online academic program of the family's choice.

Through all this each artist experiences in-depth movement training, each young artist will be challenged to develop the mental and physical stamina necessary to step confidently into the field ready to succeed.


Additionally, all  young artists will participate in our DASH Academy Annual Winter showcase and our end of year Spring Show. Artists will be taken through a professionally based choreographic process with Gregory Dolbashian throughout the fall semester in preparation for the Winter Showcase. During our spring semester all artists will help produce our end of year Spring Show, both choreographically and administratively. High school students will be in charge of the creative work as well as stage management, budget, promotional materials, costume design, and other entrepreneurial practices.

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