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Our students work with a plethora of contemporary artists so we assure their range of versatility is wide. Enhancing students' understanding of dynamics, movement quality and the melding together of different styles. Gregory Dolbashian, movement director and founder of, The DASH Ensemble curated a contemporary curriculum that is versatile and dynamic in movement invention and choreographic concepts. Having taught across the country in both collegiate and professional settings, Dolbashian’s contemporary training prepares young artist in not only contemporary movement but also in partnering readiness and floor work technique


Every week our High School artists meet for a class on characterization and the technique of character development. These artists are taught to collaborate and to help character development through movement in the studio and on stage. 



Each week our High School artists meet with Artistic Director Gregory Dolbashian for composition class where they further develop their artistic voice and discover more about what they want to say and how to articulate that through different facets of movement and qualities. 


Our dancers receive modern training from our in house Teaching Artist Giovanni Allen. Focusing on Horton technique to prepare our artists for any program of their choosing upon graduation and acceptance into their chosen program. 


Dance Concepts

Our Young Artists spend one hour each week with Teaching Artist Maddie Hanson learning about the artists before them and how they impacted the dance world they experience now. 


We value the strength of the dance artist at the DASH Academy. One of the ways we accomplish this is by having our students take Pilates once a week with our Academy Faculty Member Carly Olson. Carly was the first in her class at SUNY Purchase to be certified through Joseph Pilates' Art of Contrology program in May of 2021. Her knowledge of strengthening a dancers body extends beyond her Pilates training and encompasses her Yoga Certification as well as her Personal trainer Certification through the American Council on Exercise giving her students a unique one of a kind experience and tailoring the workout to each individual artist. 

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Hip Hop

DASH Academy Young Artists train in Hip Hop with Teaching Artist Cooper Delgado twice a month.


Our students train in ballet once a week, for an hour and a half, in addition to their studio ballet training with Pegasus Contemporary Ballet's very own, Diana Crowder. Diana works on strengthening the artists technique whilst challenging their quality and movement textures, keeping ballet fun and exciting!  

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